Quickly send files via Bluetooth on Mac

On Mac OSX, you can use Bluetooth as a handy way to transfer files between computers, phones and other devices. However, it can be a little troublesome to keep opening “Bluetooth File Exchange” every time you want to send a file.

Luckily, OSX has us covered. There is a built in Keyboard Shortcut to send a file via Bluetooth. It is off by default, but easy to enable!

Simply go to System PreferencesKeyboard



Once there, click Services in the left-hand column, then look for the Files and Folders category.

Files and FoldersFinally, find the Send File To Bluetooth Device option, and check the checkbox to enable the shortcut. If you like, change the keyboard shortcut to something you prefer more. 
Send to Bluetooth Device


Now, any time you need to send a file, just highlight the file you want to send, hit cmd+shift+B (or your own specified shortcut) and the Bluetooth File Exchange window will open. All you need to do is choose a device to send it to!

Send to Bluetooth


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